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The story of love, Beth Wiseman

The story of love, Beth Wiseman
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The story of love
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Beth Wiseman
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Amish bookstore, bk. 2
With little left to tie her to her home state of Texas and yearning for a slower life, Yvonne Wilson jumps at the chance to shake things up with a move to Montgomery, Indiana. A dream job awaits her-managing an Amish bookstore for her good friends Jake and Eva. Besides the slow-paced setting and the comfort of beloved books, Yvonne hopes the change will help distract her from the emptiness she feels after the death of her fianč. No longer a part of the Amish community but still a resident of Montgomery, Abraham Byler finds himself in over his head with his job as a police officer combined with a new but fast-moving relationship with the wealthy and aggressive New York native Brianna Stone. When Abraham realizes that his old crush Yvonne is back in town, he's not just in over his head-he suddenly finds himself head over heels for Yvonne-and in hot water with Brianna. When the violence of police work comes up against his pacifist upbringing, Abraham is forced to question his original decision to leave the Amish faith for his career. Meanwhile, Yvonne is asking her own questions about why she feels such a deep peace in Montgomery-and how much that feeling has to do with Abraham and how much has to do with the workings of her own heart
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