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Through a darkening glass, a novel, R.S. Maxwell

Through a darkening glass, a novel, R.S. Maxwell
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Through a darkening glass
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R.S. Maxwell
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a novel
England, 1940. Literature student Ruth Gladstone evacuates Cambridge University for Martynsborough, a tiny English village with a shadowy history. For Ruth, retreating to a forgotten corner of the country is more than a safety maneuver; it's an opportunity to end an undesirable engagement and begin writing her first novel. But upon her arrival, Ruth learns of a ghostly wraith haunting the villagers after decades of silence. Although Ruth is enthralled by the legend, the locals are less charmed by the wraith's return. They blame the evacuees--and among them, Ruth--for stirring up restless spirits. Undeterred, Ruth joins forces with Malcolm, an injured soldier, to unravel the mystery of the wraith. As Ruth and Malcolm draw closer to the truth, they'll unearth long-buried secrets that could threaten them both ... even as they craft a forbidden love story of their own. --,
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