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Second chance at Rancho Lindo, Sabrina Sol

Second chance at Rancho Lindo, Sabrina Sol
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Second chance at Rancho Lindo
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Sabrina Sol
"As the new horticulturist at Rancho Lindo, Nora Torres is determined to make the garden a success and prove to the Ortega family that they made the right decision in hiring her. Plants take patience and care, and that should be Nora's focus, not Gabe Ortega, who is back home on his family's ranch after an injury abruptly ended his military career. A long time ago, Nora made the mistake of believing a promise from Gabe, and she's determined not to make that mistake twice. His family hopes he's home for good, but Gabe has always wanted something else--something more--than working at Rancho Lindo. So he can't allow himself to be sidetracked by his feelings for Nora when he knows he'll be leaving again. But soon, rather than keeping his distance from the garden and the talented horticulturist, Gabe finds what he really wants is to change Nora's mind about him."--, Provided by publisher
2nd chance at Rancho Lindo
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