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Cozy minimalist home, more style, less stuff, Myquillyn Smith - hardcover

"Cozy Minimalism isn?t about going without or achieving a particular new, modern style. Nope. It?s simply a mindset that helps you get whatever style YOU LOVE with the fewest possible items. You want a warm, cozy, inviting home, without using more resources, money, and stuff than needed. Why use more if you don't have to? In Cozy Minimalist Home, accidental stylist and bestselling author Myquillyn Smith guides you step by step on making purposeful design decisions for your home. You'll have the tools to transform your home starting with what you already have, and using just enough of the right furniture and decor to create a home you're proud of in a way that honors your personal priorities, budget, and style. No more fretting when it comes to decorating your house!" --, (Source of summary not specified)
Table Of Contents
Your style. Simplified -- Cozy: it doesn't have to mean cluttered -- Minimal: it doesn't have to mean cold -- The myth of finding your signature style: you already know what you like -- Where and how to start: give yourself the gift of focus -- Quiet: let your space speak -- We can arrange that: furniture comes first -- The decorating trinity: rugs and drapes and lighting, oh my! -- Walls and wall art: bringing a room together -- Accessories: styling the finishing touches -- Enough: better than more -- Cozy minimalist home recipe -- Cozy minimalist manifesto -- Family room: before and after
Literary Form
non fiction
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205 pages, color illustrations, 25 cm

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