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The rested child, why your tired, wired, or irritable child may have a sleep disorder--and how to help, W. Chris Winter, MD - hardcover

"A comprehensive guide to the varied sleep disorders that affect children from infancy to adolescence, many of which are commonly misdiagnosed, offering new wisdom to parents about how to ease their child's troubles"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Sleep 101 for parents : how sleep works in your kid's brain -- Sleep belief : your parents were wrong about everything, from pills to naps to cosleeping -- Pediatric insomnia : understanding what it means when your child says he "can't sleep" -- Sleep schedules : a scheduled child makes a happy parent -- Insufficient-sleep disorders and school start times : how to find a school bus in the dark -- Sleep and disorders of attention : "Can you repeat that? I was thinking about a spaceship" -- Narcolepsy : "Given how much your child sleeps in class, this C+ is a remarkable achievement" -- Circadian issues in children in teenagers : "Good morning, Mom. What's for dinner?" -- Technology and children : "There will be no television until you finish that homework on your iPad!" -- Nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking and -talking and -eating : more nighttime drama and screaming that a Real Housewives episode -- Restless legs syndrome / periodic limb movement disorder : "If you can't sit still during my class, you can fidget out in the hall" -- Enuresis : despite what your pediatrician keeps telling you, this is not normal! -- Snoring and sleep apnea : "He has his Grandma's eyes and Grandpa's compromised breathing" -- Sleep and special situations : you are now entering a world of total medical confusion and misinformation; please buckle up -- Disorders of fatigue : why your kid is exhausted (and not depressed) -- Time to see a sleep specialist : pediatric sleep doctor--it's totally a real thing! -- Conclusion: you made it; given today's standards, you may be a pediatric sleep expert
Literary Form
non fiction
"Raising healthy sleepers from crib to college" -- Cover
Physical Description
xxi, 322 pages, illustrations, 24 cm

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